L-Bird Decaf CoffeeMedium Roast | 12oz Bag


Medium Roast Level

Colombia Supremo Decaf

This decaf showcases a full-bodied flavor with whispers of chocolate, caramel and tropical fruits, it dares you to take another sip. Our Swiss Water Process is all natural without using any chemicals like other cheaper alternatives.

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L-6 grasshopper
L-6 Grasshopper
Piper L-4 Grasshopper with General Dwight Eisenhower
L-5 Sentinal
L-5 Sentinel “Bouncing Betsy II” of the 25th Liaison Squadron in New Guinea.
L-5 Air Ambulance 1944
L-5 Air Ambulance 1944


L-birds were the smallest and lightest airplanes of the war. The liaison aircraft was primarily used by military forces for artillery observation or transporting commanders and messages. Examples of L-Birds are the Stinson L-1 & L-5, Piper L-4, and the Taylorcraft L-2.

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Whole Bean, Ground


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