Here are some common questions about Silver Wings Coffee Co. and order details.

General info

How do i know which flavor to order?

If you can't decide on which roast you like the best, we have a sample box so you can taste all of them!

Can you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally from the United States for a flat rate of $22 per order.

Why is your name "Silver Wings"?

"Silver Wings" refers to the aircraft of WWII whose paint was removed to increase the production of aircraft, their speed and the reduction of weight so they could haul more ammunition. The bare aluminum gave the aircraft a shining silver appearance. If the aircraft was covered in fabric an aluminum powder was mixed into the clear dope to protect the fabric from damage from the sun.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We will sell bulk orders to retail stores. Please contact us to learn about pricing and details.

coffee club

how do i purchase a subscription as a gift?

During check just select "This is a gift" and enter the other person's email address. They'll get an email with a link to login and manage their account!

How do I change the frequency of my coffee delivery?

Just login to your account and there is a section to change quantity and when your coffee ships! If you need help, just send us an email or call.

Orders & Returns

Can I cancel or change my order?

You usually have up to 4 hours to change or cancel your order. Please email us on our contact page.
If you have subscription setup for recurring coffee orders, go in to your account to adjust frequency or shipments.

Do I need to register to place an order?

Yes, please make an account during checkout of your order.

How can I return a product?

We do NOT accept any returns since we sell food items. Please contact customer service if you experienced an issue with your product.



What information do we collect?

View our Privacy Policy.

Coffee, Souvenirs, Gifts Cards


Our WWII-themed coffee is a perfect gift for those with a WWII hobby or fascination! You can order a single bag, sample pack or buy them a gift card!