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Each monthly order will contain a new WWII story on a card, which you can save for a lifetime.


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Browse our selection of the best tasting coffee you'll ever have! Choose from Light to Dark roast or even Decaf.


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Only club members will receive story cards in their boxes every month. We will feature a person, place, or event from World War II.

The Coffee Club Perks

Become a member to get exclusive benefits. You can even gift a coffee club subscription to a friend!

  • Extreme price discount

  • Shipping frequency is easily adjusted

  • Silver Wings Coffee gives back through many WWII and veteran causes we support

  • Members will get free stickers and WWII history cards throughout the year.

  • No more trips to the store for stale, out-of-date coffee
  • Fresh coffee delivered right to your door as often as you need it, so you never run out
  • Cancel ANYTIME!
WWII History Cards and Coffee