Our mission & who we are

Sharing stories about the men and women who served in WWII and supported the war efforts.

Memphis Belle Authentic photo
Memphis Belle and crew, June 1943. Colourized by Paul Reynolds

Their legacy lives on with every cup of joe!

Through our sales we support others who preserve the history of World War II. We also feel it's important to keep the legacy of the greatest generation alive through stories about their victories and hardships.

Who is the greatest generation?

They are the men and women that experienced the hardships of the Great Depression, fought in World War II or worked in the industries that contributed to winning the war. Their remarkable actions during times of war ultimately made the United States a better place to live. United as a country in the face of evil, the greatest generation came together to sacrifice themselves and their lifestyle.

Premium coffee

Our roaster sources the best coffees around the globe and selects from the best green beans available.  They then find the best roast profile intersection between the natural flavor inherent within the bean itself and the roast level of a specific bean. Finding that perfect balance between flavor and roast is what produces exceptionally delicious coffee.

Our Roaster

Our coffee comes from US Roast, whose founder also started Mid America Flight Museum, a non-profit to honor Veterans, mentor kids, preserve aviation history, and provide opportunity for community involvement.

A family-owned business

Erik and Sarah Hokuf started this business to teach their children the values of working hard, dedication, sacrifice, serving others, and honor for your country. These are also the values that came out of the people of the Greatest Generation.

Erik is also the managing partner of AirCorps Aviation. They specialize in the restoration, maintenance, and rebuilding of vintage WWII aircraft.

Sarah is the founder of Evolve Creative, a full-service branding and website agency in Bemidji, MN. Her teams help businesses with their own online stores, so she was ready to sell her own product!

IDEA Competition Awards Banquet
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Our WWII-themed coffee is a perfect gift for those with a WWII hobby or fascination! You can order a single bag, sample pack or buy them a gift card!